Purity & Paradise Bundle (3 books)

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Book 1: Purity & Prayer

Collection of poems for children outlines essential knowledges of the ritual ablution and prayer according to the Hanafi school,the largest school of Islamic law.

To give children and parents access to knowledge that makes one's worship valid,sound, and proper in a fun way!

Book 2: The Quran My Best Friend
The Quran is a sacred book of light that has enriched the lives of Muslims and people around the world for over a thousand years. With beautiful stories from the Quran, this rhyming picture book enhances the reader's understanding of the Quran, and instills the light of the Quran in the hearts of children all over the world.

Book 3: Paradise is Oh So Nice

Ever wonder what Paradise looks like in the eyes of a child? Giant milkshakes, chocolate castles and ice cream mountains are some of the things Manu and Aya can’t wait to experience. Come along on this adventurous journey where brother and sister’s imagination comes to life and whatever they wish for or desire will come true!

Hardcover 38-Page Storybook