Al-Quran Humaira Special Edition (Tagging/No Tagging)

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Good news for those who seek an exclusive Quran.

What 's so special about this set of Humaira special edition?

  • Exclusive Paper Bag
  • Dust Bag to protect the Qur'an
  • Exclusive box

The best-known of these is the high-quality and anti-shilical qpp paper used for the old reading.

The quran humaira special edition (black)

⭐ Special front leather with background around mecca
⭐ Black is quite superior, elegant and very exclusive
⭐ Rasm Uthmani and tajwid colour code

Resam rasmi malaysia. It is used to represent certain tajwid laws to make it easier for us to learn to read the quran with the correct tajwid

The quran is revealed gradually and follows the course of events. Hence, for certain verses, it is included because the passage is down for us to understand more in the meaning of it

⭐ Hadith sahih
⭐ Thematic index The index of search for specific themes in the Qur'an summarizes all things.

It makes it easy for us to search for certain scriptures that make certain matters such as fara 'id, aqidah, muamalah and so forth