Tahnik & Tahliq

Assalamualaikum dear new parents.

Congratulations on your newborn and let us celebrate the birth of your little ones by practicing the sunnah of our beloved  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which is Tahnik & Tahliq.

Our ARS certified & experienced asatizah will preside this ritual where a tiny portion of sweet dates & honey is placed in the mouth of the newborn and lead in the recitation of the dua. 

Price of Tahnik & Tahliq only:

⭐️$120- Northeast and East area🇸🇬 

⭐️$140- Other areas

⭐️ Majlis in the comfort of your home

⭐️ Includes transportation

⭐️ Includes usage of shaving machine

⭐️ Includes dates & honey

⭐️ Includes weighing of baby’s hair

⭐️ Only 1 Ustaz is attending

⭐️ Able to conduct in Malay or English

❌ Does not include the amount of sadaqah after weighing of the baby’s hair


Parents may opt to add on to these services:

💠Aqiqah $199/goat (Makkah)

💠Aqiqah $169/goat (Uganda)

💠 Burial of placenta $150


📅 Advisable to book 5 working days in advance

📅 If your child is not born yet, you can simply whatsapp us the tentative delivery date and book with us with the preferred sunnah days


What are the sunnah that you can act upon:

👓 To give good name when the baby is 7 days old

👓 Perform the Tahnik & Tahliq when baby is 7 or 14 or 21 days old

👓 Sunnah to perform aqiqah 2 sheeps for a boy & 1 sheep for a girl


Dates are also upon the asatizah availability.


For more info please Whatsapp us:

📲 https://wa.me/6588939401