Amazing Quran Stories

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A Treasury of Stories from the Quran for the very young. These are some of the best-loved tales from the Quran. Especially chosen for the very young, they provide a foundation on which to build a growing knowledge of the scriptures. This is story telling at its best, with the meaning and message expressed in the simplest of words. Colorful, child-friendly illustrations complement the text and bring the stories vividly to life.




A Treasury of Stories from the Quran

Ages: 4 years and above


The Story of two Gardens

Allah Speaks to the Prophet Musa (a.s.)

The Wise Man and the Prophet Musa (a.s.)

The Pious Man and His Sons

The Prophet Yusuf (a.s.) and the King's Dream

The Prophet Hud (a.s.) and the storm

The Most Patient Man

The Iron Wall

The Old Man's Prayer

Luqman's Advice to His Son

Uzayr's Donkey

The Light of Allah