Arabic Softballs SET

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Recommended Age:  0 - 12 months

Arabic Colors and Numbers. Suitable as an early preparation for your Madrasah Entrance Test Babies (MET) to observe the Arabic styles of writing and color recognition.


  • SOFT and SAFE - Unlike hard plastic baby toys, this ball is designed with a soft plush exterior to promote safe and healthy play!
  • PERFECT BABY GIFT - This is the ideal gift for babies and toddlers from 6, 8, 12 months to 1+ years old!
  • SENSORY PLAY - Easy for little hands to turn around and manipulate. Offers 6 different textures for tactile exploration. Soft and flexible. Easy for tiny fingers to grasp and hold.
  • VISUAL STIMULATION – Contrasting colors and diverse patterns aid baby’s brain development.
  • GROSS MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT - The ball encourages the baby to experiment with holding, squeezing, dropping, rolling and chasing that develop hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills as well as baby's sense of cause and effect and spatial awareness. Simple giving and receiving the ball can start to introduce social development.