Korban kiriman Ihsan 2022 | 1443H

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Assalamualaikum and thank you for your interest to enliven syiar of Islam by performing Korban, and while helping our brothers and sisters to restore cheerfulness & their smiles from the neighboring country.

If you have a hajat or intend, we graciously invite from your good self to book your korban/aqiqah/nazar slot with us. The prices are as follows:

Closing Date: 30th June 2022

Indonesia $ 179/goat
Saudi Arabia $ 199/goat

Malawi $ 149/goat

Worth it
India $ 399/COW (share within 7 pax)

Really In Need
Syrian refugees (Jordan) $ 299/goat
Rohingya Refugees (Bangladesh) $ 179/goat
Rohingya Refugees (Myanmar) $ 189/goat
Yemen (Ta’iz) $ 199/goat
Palestine (Gaza) $ 449/goat

Important information
⭐ Due to logistical constraints, we will only provide a general picture of the slaughter process.

⭐ We will provide a copy of the korban report and proof of the korban photo via whatsapp within 3 weeks after the completion date of the victim event.

⭐ We note that the countries we work with in carrying out the sacrifices are very limited in terms of communication infrastructure as well as security conditions that may result in delays in providing photographic evidence and reports. This is beyond the control or power of our company.

Thank you.