Key Words Readers Tom & Sue (12 Titles)

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Recommended Age: 3 years and above

Format: Paperback


  • 12 sets of picture books for children.
  •  Divided into 2 levels. Each level has 6 books. Each book combined words and pictures.
  •  Designed to help children develop their literacy skills. Picture books increase vocabulary, hone storytelling skills and foster an early interest in reading.
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    There are 12 storybooks in this series. This series teaches your child the most common word used in the English language. The entire series introduces more than 270 words. these words are the foundation for learning the English language effectively. Once these words are learned, your young child will be able to absorb difficult words more easily.

    The 12 storybooks in this series are written with a "controlled vocabulary" system. This means the most basic English words will be introduced first then followed systemically by more difficult words. This will ensure swift and consistent progress in your child's vocabulary. After your child has learned to read all the words introduced in this series, he or she will be ready to tackle more complicated reading more independently.

    General Information

    Words that are commonly used in the English language are also known as KEYWORDS. There are more than 270 Key Words introduced in this entire series. Research shows that 12 Key Words make up on quarter (25%) of the words we used and regularly see. That is why it is so important for your child to learn these Key Word first. The 12 books in this series are so clearly written that your child will be entertained and yet quickly learning at the same time.

    How to use this book?
    The 12 books in this level are written systematically. There are 6 books in level 1 and another 6 in level 2. Always start by introducing Level 1 (Book 1) to your child, followed by Level 2 (Book 1), and so on. This is because all the 12 books are interlinked and must be introduced to your child book by book. 

    Step 1: Read aloud to your child a page. Point out the word you are reading as you read the page.

    Step 2: Point out and read only the new word (in blue) on that same page to your child. Tell your child to repeat after you 3-5 times per word.

    Step 3: Point and read aloud again on the same page to your child. This time, tell your child to repeat after you the whole page. Go over the page like this two times.