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Let's Investigate The Living Things SET

Let's Investigate The Living Things SET

  • $18.00

• A Hardworking Ant
• A Busy Bee
• A Beautiful Butterfly
• A Jumping Frog
• A Blood Sucker


Books in this series explain about the life cycle of animals. Allah has shown His creative power in most of His creations that have their own amazing life cycles.

These small cute sized of 6″x6″ books have wonderful bright illustrations of the animals’ life cycles with big, clear font to be read by parents and kids!

It’s small compact size make it handy to be brought inside your children’s bags to any places!

Read to them these books, and show them the real ants, mosquitoes, butterflies, frogs and bees!

We can see and feel the greatness of Allah even in His tiniest creatures, Subhanallah!

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