My Collection: Prophet Stories by Madam Haniah

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My Collection: The First Series Islamic Children Books

Cavenur Read! Is a series of collection of stories and words of wisdom that give emphasis on building in children, parents and educators, a sense of gratitude to Allah and belief in HIM.

To believe in the Greatness of Allah, His Wisdom, Love and Compassion.

To believe that the goodness or otherwise we face in life is based on Allah’s knowledge what is good for our growth, strength and development.

The need to always think good of Allah in whatever the circumstances we are in.

We wish that children, parents and educators will grow to have deep trust and hope in Allah and intensely believe in HIM as the ArRahman and ArRahim even before seeing the evidence of the goodness to come that HE has promised.


BOOK 1: Allah's Gifts to Prophet Isa a.s

Allah gave Prophet Isa a.s special gifts to help him as a Prophet. What were those gifts? What did he do with the gifts? How about you? What will you do if Allah give you a gift?

BOOK 2: The Prophet Who Talked to Animals

Prophet Sulaiman a.s was special - he could understand and talk to animals, like ants and birds. How did he feel towards Allah when he was given that special gift? Why Allah bless him with even more gifts? Let's find out!

BOOK 3: Who is Allah's Beloved Friend?

Do you know there was a Prophet whom Allah calls him as "khalil"? What does "khalil" mean and why Allah calls him in that special way? Do you wish to be called that way too? Let's find out how you can too.

BOOK 4: The Prophet Who Was Tested

Do you at times feel you face a lot of difficulties in your life? Do you know there was a Prophet who face even more difficulties than any of us? Why did Allah test him that way? How he felt about Allah when he had to go through such challenges?

BOOK 5: Why Was Prophet Nuh A.S Called Allah's Thankful Servant?

 Prophet Nuh a.s. was known as an abdun syakuur. An abdun syakuur means a thankful servant. Why is Prophet Nuh a.s was known as Allah's thankful servant? How can we be like him?



Book Size: A4 [Landscape]

Each set comes with 5 books.