Treasures of the Qur'an

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A clear and simple commentary upon five pivotal parts of the Qur'an. With explanatory notes and key words described.

The first group of Surahs (al-Fatihah, al-Baqarah, al 'Imran, al-Nisa' and al-Ma'idah) are introduced and examined in this volume, with the author looking at their structure and major themes. The central theme of which is conferring the status of Muslim ummah on the believers, to which a new code of life was given to be followed to be better humans.

About the Authors

Abdur Rashid Siddiqui is the author of many works on the Qur'an, including Qur'anic Keywords: A Reference Guide and 100 Minutes with the Qur'an.

Khurram Murad (1932-1996) was the director general of The Islamic Foundation, United Kingdom, and authored many books, including In the Early Hours.