Ziyad Series Bundle

Ziyad Series Bundle

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📕 Ziyad & Tiger Light Bulb!
📗 Ziyad & Tiger Millipede Hunt
📘 Ziyad & Tiger: Animals from the Qur'an

🌻 Recommended for 7 years and above
📕 Type: Paperback

⭐️ - Introducing human super brain functions with Ziyad & Tiger Light Bulb! (28 pages)

⭐️ - Learn about photosynthesis and food chains in a fun story with Ziyad & Tiger Millipede Hunt! (28 pages)

⭐️ - Integration of science and Qur'an as well as some good facts on animals base don Qur'an with Ziyad & Tiger: Animals from the Qur'an! (32 pages)

- Know about the greatness of Allah through simple reading and activity.
- To encourage children that outdoor activity is fun.
- Encourage children to use Islamic words of tasbeeh, tahmeed, and takbir.