Online Storytelling Session Ustaz Mizi Khamsani Rasulullah Prophet Muhammad My Hero

Be prepared to be marveled by the greatest human being to ever walk the earth (and ascended the heavens!)

How often do we remind our children about the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ? Who are the real heroes and heroines we should place in our hearts and the hearts of our children?

This Rabiulawwal, join Buat Si Manja and our Special guest, Ustaz Mizi Khamsani who will be telling us beautiful stories and lessons of the life of beloved Prophet ﷺ

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🌞 [SCHOOL HOLIDAY IS HERE] Join for an adventure with Basma Bear who loves to say Bismillah!

Our invited guest and storyteller from Homely Hammock is the author of Basma Bear Loves Bismillah from their Blessed Word Series.

Book Title:  Basma Bear Loves Bismillah 
Book Purchase here
Fee: SGD15.00/device (inclusive of Hands-On Activity Kit) 
Additional kit: SGD5.00

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Join Us for an online storytelling session on Sunday, 22 August 2021 with Zanib Mian, Author of the famous Migo & Ali book!

Zanib Mian will be telling the story of Prophet Yunus A.S, an adventure to embark and valuable lessons to remember.

Book Title: Migo & Ali Love For The Prophets
Book Purchase here
Fee: SGD5.00

Event has ended.
View the session in our Youtube channel: